La Maison Arc-en-Ciel is a residential treatment center for young anglophone and francophone men aged  between 12 to 24, struggling with substance use. We are a non-profit organization, under the leadership of a Board of Directors.

La Maison Arc-en-Ciel, located in Opasatika, operates a hobby farm . This includes a stable, henhouse, gym, ceramic shop, animals and equipments needed for maintenance. La Maison Arc-en-Ciel is the only center of this kind in northern Ontario.


My stay at La Maison Arc-en-Ciel was truly amazing!  The staff welcomed me with open arms; they are all wonderful in their own different ways.  You learn real sense of responsibility by working on the farm.  Everything you learn here will help you throughout your life.  At first, it doesn't look really fun being in treatment; butseriously, their methods are very effective!  It really helped me realizing how life isn't always about partying.  I want to thank the staff for helping me!  You guys are great!

Éric, 18

(705) 369-4582 / 1-800-397-9430

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