Recreational Activities
Clients will benefit, depending on their behaviour during the week, of a recreational and/or educational day of activities.  Participants, while fully accompanied, will leave for a day excursion or visit.

The client will participate in the following activities :

Fishing, canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing, squash, skating, bowling, cinema, horseback riding, billiard, swimming in the lake or pool, support meeting (A.A.or N.A.)

Things to bring:

Clothes, comb or hair brush, deodorant, swimwear, toiletries, wool socks, long-sleeved cardigan, warm pants, pyjamas, styling gel, t-shirts, scarf, toothbrush, body soap, boots, gloves or mittens, slippers, underwear, shoes and/or sneakers, good coat, toothpaste, razor, work boots, jeans, bathrobe, pants, workwear, bermuda shorts (summer), shampoo, shaving cream, work coat and socks.

Depending on the season, bring clothes to participate in outdoor activities.  It should be noted that the winters in Northern Ontario are cold.  You have to remember to keep warm.

Upon arrival our clinical team will perform a complete search and an inventory of personal belongings will be taken, and items such as alcohol, drugs, prohibited magazines, inappropriate music, belts, lighters, etc, will be confiscated and stored elsewhere.  Belts are allowed during outings.

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